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"Buying Or Selling a RV, Harness The Power Of BOTH The Wholesale NADA And RV Blue Book"

Congratulations! Your search may be over. You may have found the resource that can answer your RV questions. Thousands of people use our service each year to help them make their RV buying decisions. Our information is available nowhere else other than here. End your frustrating search, the information you want is waiting for you, here.

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We are the Internet's #1 resource for RV and Camper wholesale and retail Appraisals, Values, Blue Book Prices and Pricing.

We offer a unique product, a RV Value Report which establishes the Average Value of the specific Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Popup, Truck Camper, Park Model and RVs or Campers of all descriptions.

 "Your report saved me from paying too much for a high mileage motorhome. I will use you again." - J. M. New Orleans, LA

To establish Average Value, we use Both of the Nationally Recognized Appraisal Guides, RV Blue Book Official RV Guide(s) and the National Edition N.A.D.A. Recreation Vehicle Appraisal Guide. These are the wholesale editions. We use the same books that the dealers and lenders use. This gives you the most complete data available anywhere. If you subscribed to these reference books ($275.00 per year), the numbers on our reports is what you would find.

Blue Book RV Values are NOT available on the Internet. Neither is the Wholesale or Dealer version of the NADA Guide.

But they are both Vital to your search for what an RV or Camper is worth. The Blue Book is known as a more generous appraiser. Their values are, in most cases, Higher than the NADA folks. In fact, they do not agree, in many cases, by a Wide Margin.

The Blue Book generally values higher, often times much higher than NADA.

What can this mean to you? If you are Buying or Selling, a higher valuation can mean more money in your pocket!

  • Higher Loan Values For Buyers
  • Better Selling Price For Sellers
  • Negotiation Power With Dealers and Owners
  • Sellers- Prove Your Asking Price
  • Buyers- Back up your Offer With Facts
  • Tell your Dealer You Want "Blue Book" For Your Trade in ...or NADA, whichever is best for You

Sellers generally like Blue Book Values while Buyers like NADA Values. Both like a Good Deal. Have the Full Picture in front of you and your decision becomes an easy one. Is it a Good Deal? Or is it a fantasy?

 " The Dealer's jaw dropped when I pulled out your report..." - D. H. Binghamton, NY

You Will Welcome The Information We Have To Share With You

We are a Look Up Service. Get the information you need now, up to date and ready when you need it. We have been part of the RV World Since 1978 and we know the business inside and out.

We do reports for estates, credit unions, lawyers, insurance adjusters, church contributors, charities, insurance brokers, banks, accountants, total loss replacement cases, attorneys, smart buyers and informed sellers throughout North America, Europe and Mexico.

 "Here is my second order for three Motorhomes I plan to look at this weekend. Thank you for your prompt service." -E. H. Tampa, FL

It's simple, the numbers are the numbers. They speak for themselves and we report them as we find them. We do not need to know if you are buying or selling and beware of anyone who does! Our subscriptions to both RV Blue Book and NADA are updated throughout the year. This assures You the most up to date information available.

We will provide you with the current values from BOTH the experts, RV Blue Book and NADA.

  • New Value- What The RV Was Worth New
  • Today's Wholesale Value- The Trade in Value
  • Today's Retail Value- A High Selling Price
  • The Average Wholesale and Average Retail Between Both Books
  • The Value Of An Average Unit Today
  • Average Value Adjusted By The Mileage Factor (Motorhomes)
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That is what we are all about. We assume the RV in question is well equipped and is ready for resale. It needs nothing and has all the modern features. Adjustments to a Coach's value based on our system are easy and fast. Many Dealers automatically deduct $1000.00 from a trade in knowing it will be detailed and spruced up to put out on the lot for resale.Even if it needs nothing and is cleaner than new, they will try to take it in below wholesale, many times, thousands of dollars below wholesale!

We know if we report to you the Wholesale Value and Retail Value from BOTH NADA and RV Blue Book Plus the Average Values, You Have ALL The Information You Need To Make A Good Deal Happen.

Buyer or Seller, the numbers are the same and The Experts Don't Agree.

Use our Reports to further YOUR cause. Beware of anyone who wants to know if you are buying or selling before giving you a price or value. Why should that matter? The numbers in the books are the same for both.

Order your report with confidence. Our sources are the Backbone of all RV Appraisals, nationwide. These are the same books the dealers and lenders use. Current information, updated throughout the year.

 "...exactly what I was looking for... you told me what I need to know. It's well worth the small fee."                   - M. S. Austin, TX

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Whatever you call it, we can help you save thousands of dollars. We have kept all our appraisal guide books to be able to provide this service. Yes, there is no guess work , the prices are published and available. You must have year, make, model and MSRP.
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We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex. All credit card payments are done online by secure server or over the phone if you do not want to pay by computer or by fax. All quotes are processed same day payment received.

We will use the nation's top two appraisal guides to generate a report on the value of the RV or Camper in question. When possible, we will also include specifications and photos. As our data base grows, this will be more readily available.

Please note : the bottom line is ; the RIG is worth what the owner is willing to accept for it and what the buyer is willing to pay.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Use our report as a sales tool or to justify your offer. Whichever side of the fence you are on, knowledge is power and he who can prove his price can name his price or walk away and find something better.













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