One of the perks of traveling with an RV is having lots of outdoor adventures. If you have kids, you don’t only need to prepare yourself but your kids too. Kids enjoy the great outdoors but sometimes they can get grumpy, bored or just hungry because of your outdoor activities like hiking.

Even if kids might have more energy than adults, you can still make hiking a more pleasurable and comfortable experience for them. That is by equipping them with some of these essentials. This list includes those that I found worked really well with my kids and I hope they work well for yours too.

Zip-Of Pants

The temperature fluctuates and although most adults can handle it, kids can get a bit more grumpy when they are uncomfortable. With zip-off pants, they’d easily remove the leg part off when it is too hot or put it on when they feel cold.

Kids can easily do this on their own and it is more convenient than changing pants to shorts and vice versa. It prevents exposure of their undies and we know that many kids are uncomfortable with that. The detachable pieces are also lightweight and could easily fit inside their backpack.

Quality Hiking Sandals

Find high-quality hiking sandals that have a closed-toe. This makes sure that your kids’ toes are safe while exposure in some other parts makes it more breathable and comfortable. Waterproof ones are a must because hiking doesn’t just mean a rocky pathway. You may also get into some puddles on the way and kids just can’t resist making a splash.


Kids like feeling independent so getting them their own backpack where they can fit their essentials boosts their confidence. Brands that offer trekking gear for adults may also have small-sized backpacks that are light. These may or may not come in bright colors but they will serve their purpose well.

Utility Cases

Utility cases are multi-functional. For us, they double as storage for food, especially the ones that can get squished and squashed by the time the kids decide to eat them. These sturdy cases can also be used to contain different items that they want to collect through their hike.


Whether it is a sunhat or a regular stocking cap, hats are a must-have for kids. These can protect their eyes when hiking especially if they aren’t comfortable wearing their sunglasses at all times.

Best get them hats that are adjustable so that it could also grow with them. When choosing a hat, make sure you let your kids choose the styles that they like. This will make it more likely for them to use it. Just help them select the lightweight and durable ones.


Binoculars will make your hiking even more fun for your kids. They get to see all around them more clearly. They can even see some wildlife birds closely from afar with their binoculars. This simply makes exploring and hiking more fun and interesting for them.

Water Bottles

When shopping for water bottles, find those that are leak-proof, easy to drink from, and those that are just the perfect size for your kids’ backpack. Dishwasher safe ones are also a bonus feature for you. It is best to stick with the ones that are sleek so they can easily fit the pocket of their backpack. This makes them more accessible for your kids.

Do you think I forgot anything essential? Are there any other essential hiking gear essentials that worked well with your kids that you can share? I’d greatly appreciate it if you can share those with me in the comments section. Thanks!