If you anything like us, the late summer heat make us think of the cool autumn night and changing leaves.

And of course, another RV Road trip.

Problem – is:  so is everyone else!  If you’re trying to find the right place to visit with reduced crowds, and you’re not sure where you should go, check out some of the most overlooked destinations for roadtrips in the US during fall.

Any of these five spots would be great to visit during the fall.

1. The Florida Keys

Florida is known for its hot and humid summer weather, it’s also the first place people think of in the Spring.   Which is why this is such a great road trip choice for the Fall.

You’ll be able to enjoy slight cooler (but still warm) weather, as well as a number of incredible sights. When you’re not in your RV, you’ll be able to lounge on the beach and participate in all kinds of water recreational activities.

This is a popular destination for travelers, and it’s a great location for people that are taking an RV roadtrip. You’ll have plenty of options for RV parks, and you won’t be bored while you’re here.

2. Cherohala Skyway

Cherohala Skyway
Cherohala Skyway

If you’re interested in taking a roadtrip through the mountains, this is one destination that you’ll want to consider. If you do decide to venture here, you’ll be traveling through both North Carolina and Tennessee. You’ll be covering more than 40 miles, and you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of beautiful views along the way.

Of course, you’ll be able to do more than enjoy the sites if you take a trip like this. You’ll find plenty of great hiking trails, fishing spots, and other outdoor destinations. Because this is a popular spot for roadtrips, you’ll also find lots of great places to stop along the way.

3. Death Valley

This has long been one of the most popular destinations for roadtrips in the US. Because the heat here can be intense, a lot of travelers opt to visit the region during the fall rather than the summer.

While you’re here, you can see a number of sights, including the largest tree in the world. It’s well-suited to short weekend roadtrips, but if you’d prefer, you can also map out a longer trip here. You’ll find no shortage of things to see and do.

4. The Hermann Wine Trail

Stone Winery Sign On The Hermann Wine Trail
Stone Winery Sign On The Hermann Wine Trail

Many people choose to travel through popular wine regions on road trips. Although you’ll find lots of different options, this particular route is one of the most beloved options. It does make for a shorter trip, but it’s still a wonderful stretch of land to drive through.

There are seven wineries to visit along this drive, but you’ll find a lot more to see and do than that. There are countless places to stop along the way, and it’s also common for events to be held in this region. Look at calendars before you set off so that you can plan out the perfect roadtrip.

If you’re planning on taking a US RV roadtrip this fall, any of these destinations deserves a closer look. Traveling by RV can be an incredible experience, especially if you visit the right places. Make sure that your upcoming roadtrip is everything you want it to be.

5. The Great Northern

If you’re looking to take a very long road trip, you won’t find many options that are better than this route. Since it covers more than 2,000 miles, it isn’t for the faint of heart. Still, there’s a reason that so many people choose to travel here.

You’ll be able to enjoy a little bit of everything when you take a roadtrip like this one. You’ll have the opportunity to view large hardwood forests, see impressive mountain ranges, and stop at a number of beloved diners. It’s the kind of roadtrip that a lot of people dream about taking.



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