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Clients Are Saving Thousands of Dollars!

“Even after owning one other RV, you showed us how to negotiate and look for a better deal. Had we not used your service, we would have offered at least $20,000 more than what we paid.”

Joanne Moody
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Thanks for the help.  You actually helped me realize that it is still not time to sell yet.  Basically, I am upside down in the loan department.  I will continue to enjoy it a lot longer."


“Before I spoke to you I did not realize how large of a markup there is on RV’s. Because of your service I saved $1500.00”

John Taylor, Reno, NV


“The RV that I was looking at seemed to be priced lower than other comparable RVs. What I needed from you was a reasonable estimate of the true value of the RV. Well, your valuation confirmed for me that this was indeed a good deal. Consequently, my offer was not so low as to spoil the deal. The seller accepted my offer and all is well. This was the first RV I looked at and I bought it on the spot. I would not have done that had I not had your information and I'm sure someone else would have snatched it up. Thanks for the service. I would do it again.”

Paul Brickhouse, Melbourne, FL


“Knowing how much the dealer paid for the RV made it much easier to stand firm on my offer. I saved $4000 on 2 RV’s.

John Passarelli, Wappinger, NY


“Because we have never owned an RV and my husband and I were purchasing a used rig, we really needed some guidance in evaluating our choices. We were able to find out just how much the RVs we were looking at were actually worth so we could make a reasonable offer. We had no idea how to make a judgment about pricing the features of our RV. As a result we saved about $500 on the purchase and we were able to point out some of the items we received in our evaluation as a bargaining platform to get a better price. Based on the pluses and minuses pointed out in the report, the seller agreed to lower his price.”

Melissa Valdez,  Modesto, CA


“My sister died unexpectedly 2 years ago, she owned a small RV. I had no experience with owning or selling this type of vehicle. Dave was very kind to give me tips on how to sell and what price to ask. We were able to sell quickly and at a premium price. Thanks Dave!!”

Donna & Rod Imai,  San Jose, CA


“I never realized what a huge difference dealers have in pricing; I saved $13,000 because of your service.”

 Bobbie Walker, Breckenridge, MI


“We had made a bad deal when we bought our last RV (without seeking your advice, alas) and we owed $53,000 more than it was worth. We had to refinance our house to take care of the loss so we could buy a new RV. We learned never to do that again, always know the numbers before going into a deal. I would never buy another RV without consulting you first. I have recommended you in my book, The Complete RV Handbook.”

Jayne Freeman, Livingston, TX


“Before using your service, I did not know the different type of profit that was involved in the deal. After using your service I developed the confidence to know what ‘real value’ really is and ended up saving $10,000.”

 King Graham, Arlington TX


“This was our first purchase and you saved us $25,000.”

Douglas Johnson,  Ft. Myers, FL


 “We used your service three times, twice when evaluating used RVs and then again in evaluating the new coach we eventually bought. You helped us save $15,000 on the new coach we bought as we bought it for $54,000 when they wanted $69,000. On the two used coaches you helped us avoid paying more than the coach was worth, $5,000 on one and $10,000 on the other. Thanks.”

Dan Baldwin, Lake Elsinore, CA


"It was so nice to have someone tell me what the real price should be and how to calculate it.I saved almost $10,000.”

Lind Voth, Tampa, FL


 “I had no idea that the profit margin varies from dealer to dealer. Your service not only saved me close to $7,000 but you gave me a lot of confidence when dealing with the sales rep.”

Dale Melton, Sarasota, FL


"We are very pleased that we used your service and could not have done so
well in buying our RV without your help.  Without your help we would not
have been able to negotiate the deal that we got."

Jo Moody



"I used your information to purchase a new 2004 Sea Breeze 31' Class A motor home, and trading in our 2003 Pleasure Way Class B motorhome. I was able to receive what we perceived to be a great buy, with the dealer earning a little less than 10% profit over his wholesale cost."

Dennis L. Williams


"I found your website to be very useful,
easy & thorough with the information it provided.  Thank You!"

C D Johnson

Stratford, IA


"once again we look forward to using
your detailed information to assist us with our purchase. thank you!"

michael scott

deland, florida


"We were able to get a new 2005 Montana 3400RL for $42,200.00.  It is a show vehicle and includes some trade show discounts.  Thanks for the Information.  I think this comes in at the low end of your recommendations."
Ray & Helen McBride


"A couple of weeks ago we asked you to help us in purchasing a new RV.  We had a 2004 Coachmen Mirada that we were wanting to trade for a 2007 Fleetwood Bounder.  We had done our best at understanding what a "good deal" would be.  But after you went through your analysis of our deal for us, we were able to get the deal done at a much lower figure.  You saved us $10,000 with the deal we finally ended up making.  Most importantly we felt that the dealer and us both had a win-win situation.  Thanks very much for your advice--it really did the job for us."
Ron and Jacquie Nevinger


"Just a short note to thank you for the price info you gave me last week on the Four Winds 36FK-DSL. We went to the dealer and his prices were right to the penny compared to what you told me. Your fee was really a comfort charge and well worth it . Being armed with the right information helps and shortens the buying process, not to mention the negotiations for the end figure."

John Fetzer


"Thanks again for the "Quick Quote" (it really WAS quick!).  The valuable
information you provided will help us speak more confidently with RV
dealers.  And your fee is well worth it -- as we all know, in the long run,
it pays to be an "educated" consumer.  Keep up the good work!"

T. Coley


"You asked for feedback on the outcome of our recent purchase using the guidelines you set.We purchased a 2005 Cardinal 31RKT travel trailer with what we were told was a "list price"of $39,213.  The initial dealer offer = $33,213 or a discount of 15.3%.  
Your research suggested we were to offer the dealer $30,185. We did. And they sold it to us for that price, saving an extra $3,028.
Thank you for your help!"
Dick & Kate Gray
New Braunfels, Texas


"Thank you very much for the e-mail.  Your values for the RV were a pleasant surprise."
 Mrs Mary Bell


"It was a pleasure speaking to you on Saturday
regarding the Winnebago View which we will be
purchasing. Your information was very useful when
sitting down to "talk business". XXXX RV has
accepted our offer of $70,000 for the Model H View,
retail $87,000.
I'm not sure they knew what hit them when we offered
that amount, and it took them a couple of days to get
back to us, but in the end we prevailed - thanks to
your information. I believe this price is at about the
12% profit line.
Again Dave, thank you so much for your help in this
process. We are excited to begin our RVing adventures."


Carol Lampard


Hello Dave,
"We worked a deal on the coach this morning.  The Country Coach Allure, MSRP 406,625.  We settled on 302,000.  The information you supplied was a valuable tool and once they realized that I knew what I was taking about, the deal was actually pretty easy.  I'm happy with this deal and they still made a reasonable profit.  I think it was good for both of us...."
Thank you! 

Brian I


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