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"RV Markups Vary By 20%"

 There is no magic formula to reliably predict what dealer cost is for any RV. Any book or person or forum that promotes the idea there is one 'mark-up' number for all RVs can cost you substantial money. They are misleading you and you will suffer for it if you believe what they have to say.

I have heard this magic number theory from many of my customers. The secretive nature of the RV Industry and the lack of reliable information across the board has anxious RVers eager to believe anyone willing to share their 'knowledge' no matter how flawed it may be. What can this mean to you?

If a motorhome has a profit potential for a seller of $ 20,000.00, a 20% mistake in calculating the basis for this profit means you can end up paying $4,000.00 more than someone who knows what the actual profit margin is for that specific make and model.

I have been figuring RV transactions for many years and I have to tell you the only way to really know what is going on is to figure the deal up from cost, not down from retail. When I worked for dealerships, this was easy. The numbers were readily available and crucial to preserving profits for my employers.

Now that I work for you and no longer have access to specific invoices, I must rely on the published cost figures the manufacturers report to the appraisal guide publishers. By collecting and cataloging this data, I am able to figure out your next RV transaction the same way dealers do, up from cost. What I have learned and continue to uncover is invaluable information for anyone about to buy a new RV.

Here are some recent facts you may want to consider.

  • One of the largest RV manufacturers just raised their motorhome mark-up by over 3%
  • I have documented as much as a 20% difference in mark-ups between manufacturers
  • 80% of all RVs sold are researched on the Internet
  • Over 70% of all preowned RVs are sold privately, not through dealers

If it is important for you to understand the potential profit involved in your next RV transaction, it's what I do and I have the experience and resources to do it right. Contact me before you sign on the dotted line.



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