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 Dear New RV Buyers,

Want to know dealer cost for a New RV so you can control how you buy it?

Want to feel comfortable about the deal you have going with an RV Dealer?

Tap into my 27 years experience selling and buying RVs and Campers to help you get the
best price possible on your next RV purchase.

New RVs Have A Huge Markup

Isn't it hard to find out what a dealer paid for a RV? Heck, it's almost impossible.
The information is so closely guarded, it's like the crown jewels.

Huge markups give RV Dealers an almost unfair edge over prospective buyers.
They can make a deal look irresistible to the uninformed RVer and laugh all the
way to the bank with the big profit they make.

The really bad part of it all, the sword that cuts both ways, is depreciation of the
new RV.

The more you pay in profit dollars, the higher your depreciation will be.

How to Buy A New RV The Right Way

The good news for you is you can control how much profit you pay for your
next RV.

What do you feel is a fair profit?

Is it a percentage figure or a dollar amount? This should be a fundamental
decision you and your buying team discuss and decide.

You have to know this because it is the only variable in the sales equation.

Dealer cost is fixed. Taxes are fixed. The value of your trade is fixed at wholesale.
Motor Vehicle Fees are fixed. The only option left for a dealer to play games
with is the profit.

RV dealers have to make more profit than car dealers. They, with few exceptions,
do not have the high volume sales the car guys do. Many RV dealers sell in a
year what a car dealer does in a month.

RVs Cost Too Much If You Let Them

Unknowing buyers are going to pay whatever they are able to blindly "negotiate".

Many will pay thousands of dollars too much. For every informed buyer who pays
close to invoice, there will be many more who get the gaff.

But that's our free enterprise system at work.

It's up to you which end of the equation you are on. This is one test where you
definitely want to be below average.

Over the years I have been amazed at the amount of profit people pay for their

There are few things sadder than to see the look on someone’s face when they
realize just how much less their coach is worth than they thought it would be at
trade-in time.

They call it high depreciation when in reality they paid way too much profit in the

RV Insider Ready To Work For You

You have to be as informed as humanly possible. You need to know what I have
to share with you.

The money-making opportunities at a RV Dealership would amaze you.

If you want above average savings and really want to know how to see an RV
deal the way the dealer does, I can help you save literally thousands of dollars.

If all you need is a dealer cost factor, $29.95 will get you the information by
phone. 1-800-771-2587, ask for RVDave.

If your questions are more involved, or you just need to know for sure something
that you suspect, I can work with you to understand all this. Even if you only need
to hear something from an impartial third party, it makes sense for you to call me.

I do a lot of deal reviews where I figure out the real numbers for someone buying
a new RV.

Just like the salesperson has to go ask the manager to get you a better deal, you
can ask me if it is a good deal. I am on your side and I can work with you to get
the best deal possible.

Once you understand what is going on, you will have the information you need to
buy your next RV at your target price.

Get Ready To Save Money

Before you call me, please review the following and be ready to share with me as
much information as possible.

  • Obtain the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of the coach you
    are buying. Make sure it is real, not an RV dealer trick sheet designed to
    increase their profit potential.
  • And/Or Details of the deal you were able to negotiate with the dealer. The
    more official the better. If there is a trade involved, this is the way to go. A
    complete and accurate picture of the transaction will provide me with the
    information I need to figure out what the real numbers are and how to adjust
    them so you pay what you feel is a fair price.
  • What you are willing to pay as profit to own the coach.
  • A list of three to five dealerships within reasonable distance to you who
    carry this brand RV. (optional)
  • No emotional attachment to the coach you want to buy. This is a business
    deal. The more you let your emotions into it, the more you will spend.
    Besides, this is a new coach. The factory can make another one just like it.
    ( Unless it is a leftover. Then you must ask why no one else bought it and
    what it is worth if it were used.)
  • Understand that any RV transaction is figured up from cost, not down from
    retail. Retail includes profit. Dealers will try anything to get you evaluating the
    deal based on retail prices. Do not do it. Once you see my Buying System,
    You will feel in control of your RV purchase because you will have more
    information than the salesman across the desk from you.
  • Understand that RV dealers buy coaches at wholesale. If 'Old Faithful' has a
    wholesale book value of $30,000.00 and the offer form shows you these guys
    are giving you $45,000.00 in trade, swallow hard and take the emotions out
    of the deal. Guess what! It might make you feel good to think 'OLD Faithful' is
    solid gold, but RV dealers buy at wholesale and every dime over wholesale
    book that they show you is profit for them.
  • Understand you do this once every few years or so. RV dealers do this couple
    of times a day. They are experts at buying and selling RVs. Once they realize
    you have inside information, they will do anything they can to turn the deal in
    their favor.
  • Understand that after we talk, you will no longer be negotiating. You will be
    making an offer to purchase an item the dealer can replace with a phone call.

Save $Thousands$ On Your Next RV

Can I help you? Get your information together and call me. Find out for yourself
how good it feels to understand this stuff.

Your first call is FREE, 'on me'. So you can feel me out and see that I am for real
and on your side. Call me. Let's find out what's going on.

Call between 10 am and 6 pm Mountain Time ( I just moved to Arizona thanks to
this little internet business) Monday through Friday for a free introductory meeting.
You can try us on Saturday. I frequently work, but find myself RVing more now on

I look forward to making a new RVing friend.

Call 800-771-2587 and ask for RVDave.

Clear Skies And Smooth Highways,

P.S. You risk nothing to call me. Your first call is free unless you decide to save
thousands of dollars buying your next RV and hire me.

P.S.S. Look at the email I get !


 From: "Robert Hopkins"

To: howedoin@rvs-r-us.com

Subject: Long Over Due Testimonial

I've been meaning to write you with our story. In July we were in the process of trading in our '97 Georgie Boy Pursuit motorhome and purchasing a new one. The salesman wanted to give us $20,000 for our old coach and went through a lot of effort to convince us that even this was top dollar.
Thanks to your website and the quick response with an RV Value Report, we were able to prove that the coach was actually worth $25,490 at the used wholesale level. The dealer didn't even argue. If it wasn't for this
invaluable service we would have been $5,490 poorer today. Thanks for saving us so much money!

Susan & Rob Hopkins

 Dave- What a difference a report and a consultation make! After hearing trade-in values that differed up to $14,000 (once from the same dealer) we were able to tell a manager that we knew our motorhome's value and how we expected the negotiations to proceed. Control of the deal was ours. Thanks-K. Jerkic

Call me at 800-771-2587. It's FREE and could save you thousands.

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