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" Low Mileage Older Motorhome, Why?"

 There are very few reasons why an older motorhome has low mileage. In fact, I can only think of two and neither of them are good things.

The first reason is lack of use. Average yearly motorhome usage is around 4,000 miles. A lot of coaches see far less than that and sit parked, neglected and forgotten for long periods of time. RV mechanical systems are designed to see periodic but frequent use. When this does not occur, problems can develope.

The second reason is the exact opposite. The coach was parked and used as a home. The systems were over used for their designed purpose and interiors show wear and tear. A warning sign of this is replaced appliances and redone interiors.

Both appraisal guides allow plus value adjustments based on low mileage. Sometimes substantial value increases are indicated. This may be misleading and costly. The plus value figures are more likely to be eaten up by near term repairs when a new buyer returns the coach to more regular service closer to what the systems were designed to do.

Be aware of the potential hazards that low mileage older motor home may hold and adjust your personal valuation accordingly. Holding 10-20% of the coaches value in reserve for repairs is always a good idea when buying used complex equipment.



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