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 Know Before You Tow

If you are intending to tow an RV Trailer, it is imperative you know the capabilities of your tow vehicle. We have compiled the towing specifications for all vehicles from the present day back through 1984. Yes, we can tell you what the manufacturers tow ratings are for every vehicle produced since 1984.

This is part of our Quick Quote Service and is available from 10 am til 6 pm Weekdays Mountain Standard Time at $14.95 per quote.

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You will need to know :

  • Year, Make and Model of your tow vehicle
  • Engine Size
  • Rear Axle Ratio-- If you do not know this, we can tell you which rear(s) you need to be able to tow properly
  • Both the GVWR and UVW of what you want to tow

That's it. Have your credit card ready and give us a call. We take down the above information, lookup the answers and call you back within a half hour in most cases. 800-771-2587

"Know Before You Tow" and definitely, know before you buy.

You no longer need to rely on dealer  information.   They want to sell you a trailer. Knowing that is enough to give you reason to seek an outside opinion. I have yet to find an RV dealer who has compiled this information. I know of nowhere else this is available.

This is a rvs-r-us.com exclusive________________The RVer's Friend TM.

How To Do It Youself

For specific usage, it is highly recommended that you become aware of the information provided by the vehicle manufacturer regarding the UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight) and the GVWR ( Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). This information can be found either in the glove box or on the drivers door pillar. What you can tow is the difference between these two numbers. GVWR - UVW = Load Capacity . You will need to subtract the weights of passengers and cargo aboard the truck to accurately know the weight of the trailer you can tow. The weight of the driver is included in the UVW (150 pounds).

If towing a Fifth Wheel Trailer, the pin weight should be determined as this is the load that the trailer adds to the bed of the truck. You should weigh the trailer loaded as you intend to tow it. Weigh the pin, the rear wheels, and the truck and trailer together. This is the only way to know for sure the actual GVW, pin-weight and trailer weight. Any business that sells products by weight ( sand and gravel, dirt or trucking companies ) should have scales capable of weighing your rig. Call in advance to make sure they will do this for you and if there is a charge. Many governments have weigh stations along the highway for tractor-trailer weight compliance. It may be possible to use their services.

Any vehicle combination used in towing should be weighed together to assure safe towing standards set by manufacturers are being followed.

Always Tow Safely Within The Limits Set By Your Vehicle's Manufacturer




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