__________Happy Camper 1/2 Price Camping Club

 "Half Price Camping Doubles Your Pleasure"

Return with us to the good old days of yester year and enjoy a truly good deal while you double your camping budget and become a "Happy Camper". Turn back the clock on camping fees. Camp for half price.

We have seen and reviewed many a camping or vacation plan or membership program designed to cost you a lot of money and provide limited, ever changing and confusing services. Many are terribly one sided and offer the consumer more rules and exclusions than benefits.

We were thrilled to find Bob and Anne Pierson's "Happy Camper 1/2 Price Camping Club". Their easy, straight forward offer to camp half price at over 700 campgrounds across North America and Mexico is in a class of it's own and can pay for itself your first week of use.

"A Win, Win, Win Proposition"

The Piersons are campground owners. They own two Louisiana camping resorts. Their experience with other campground membership firms taught them there had to be a better way. There wasn't so they created it and run it as a family business. The business premise is wonderfully simple.

An empty campsite doesn't make any money. Many campground owners are seeking ways to fill these unused spaces and are willing to book club subscribers into their unused campsites at half price. ( Win # 1 )

Over seven hundred campgrounds across the US, Canada and Mexico have signed on to offer Happy Campers discount camping 1/2 price rates knowing half a loaf is better than none. New campground members are added daily as word spreads about this fantastic deal for both campers and campgrounds.

"$49.95 Is Cheap"

A one year subscription to the Happy Camper 1/2 Price Camping Club cost $49.95. Many Happy Campers save more than this their first week out.

The nationwide average campground stay costs $24.00 per night. When you save $12.00 per night because you are a Happy Camper, you pay for your subscription through savings in a little over 4 days! Plus you have the rest of the year to pile up untold savings. ( Win # 2 ) Two years goes for $79.95 for even greater savings.              Sign up now.

If all you got for your subscription fee was a list of places to stay, it would be well worth the money. The Piersons have taken this homegrown camping club to the next level. They are 100% dedicated to constant improvement of what is already the strongest alliance of campgrounds and campers in existance today.

They not only provide a huge campground member base for you to choose from, they publish a very nice, informative camping guide with member campground descriptions, rates and directions. The latest issue is over 210 pages. Updates and additions as well as a newsletter are available exclusively to Happy Camper Subscribers.

"Win # 3"

OK, you subscribe and it pays for itself in a week though savings at an ever increasing number of campgrounds. You enjoy life. Campgrounds are happy to see you because they make some money. You have a camping guidebook and regular updates so you can plan your RV adventures. What could be better?

How about making some money?!

Every Happy Camper can make a $20.00 thank you for each subscriber you bring to the club. The Happy Camper Referral Program pays you to help the club grow. Word of mouth is the way the club has grown to it's dominant size and it will remain the number one source of subscriber sign ups.                         Sign up now.

"Money Back Guarantee"

Not ready to join yet? How about a 30 day Money Back Guarantee?

This is a Happy Camper Club exclusive and proves just how powerful a deal this is. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, call club headquarters and get your money back by return mail within 30 days, more than enough time to try it all out to see if it will work for you.

"What You Get For Your Subscription":


  • Quality Places To Camp, The Most Desirable Locations, plenty Of Overnight Stops And Destination Parks All Across The Continent
  • Unlimited Year Round Use
  • No Home Park Requirement
  • No Contract Or Hidden Fees
  • Free Directory With Subscription
  • An Ever Growing Campground Base To Visit
  • Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • 700 + Campgrounds and Growing
  • Dedicated Family Run Club 100% commited To Maintain The Best Club possible For Campers and Campground Owners
  • Win, Win, Win Relationship With A Knowledgeable And Dedicated Family Run Business On The Verge Of Becoming The Largest Camping Club In The World

Sign Up Now And Double Your Camping Budget, Double your Buying Power And Double Your Pleasure.

P.S. A fourth Win: Bring a new campground to the club and earn a $20.00 thank you. Heck, this alone could be an on going money maker for full time RV Travelers. Details are included with your subscription package.


Enjoy, Be A Happy Camper!

Clear Skies And Smooth Highways,

David L. Gricunas


Dato Marketing Associates

Independent Marketing Affiliate of the Happy Camper 1/2 Price Camping Club

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