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Hello Fellow and Future RVers,

My name is David Gricunas. I am the operating Director of our little website dedicated to providing pricing and purchasing information to uninformed and ill-informed RV buyers and sellers. This industry has grown up in an information void. With the increasing reach of the Internet, this is changing despite the blatent opposition of all levels within the industry.

My goal is to assist you in limiting the depreciation burden this situation encourages and the hardships it causes far too many RVers. Since I crossed the desk almost ten years ago, I have helped tens of thousands of RVers establish what a fair deal for their dream RV looks like and empowered them to realize what's going on.

I have been involved with RVing and camping since 1977 and I RV as much as I can. Right now I have three RVs and I whole heartedly encourage you all to get involved and enjoy your part of this wonderful lifestyle. I have often commented that it is a shame such a great passtime has to start out with a RV dealer. Let me show you how to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

If you have any questions or problems, give me a call. I usually answer the phone myself. 800-771-2587 or 928-772-7285 10am-5pm Mountain Standard Time, or Arizona Time.

Kind regards and best wishs,

RVDave the rvguru


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