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This quotation of value is for a :  1983 Travelcraft 34' Class A Motorhome with 62,584 miles on it reported to be well maintained. Average mileage for this model year is between 85-90,000 miles. The lower miles on this coach may mean as much as a 7% increase in value as suggested by the NADA Guide.

                              Model           New Value            Used Whls.          Used Retail


Book    :                      34'              $61,489.00            $9,780.00            $13,270.00



Book  :                        34'              $61,489.00            $10,200.00          $14,510.00

Average Values :                                                         $9,990.00            $13,890.00
Average Unit Value : $11,940.00 ( + 7% = $12,776.00 )

All values are for well equipped units in resale condition. All systems and appliances are in working order and the rig is ready to camp. Adjustments should be made for any "extras" or any deficiencies (i.e.- no a/c, no awning). Popular value for adjustments is 1/3 what the item cost new whether it is an add-on or a deduct.

It is important to note that the true value of any RV is what the owner is willing to sell it for and what the buyer is willing to pay. This report is based on the most up to date versions of the NADA Recreational Vehicle Appraisal Guide and also the Kelley Blue Book Official RV Guide(s). All information is assumed to be reliable and these two guides are the backbone of RV Dealer and lender evaluations from coast to coast.  

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