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 What's The Blue Book Value On My RV?

Blue Book has become the term of choice for most people interested in finding out the value of a RV. There actually is a Blue Book published for RVs. The Kelley Blue Book Official RV Guides, often misspelled Kelly Blue Book., is one of two national appraisal guide resources available by subsciption to anyone who appraises RVs. They are not published online and are not accessable through the Internet. One Kelley Blue Book Official RV Guide covers Motor Homes, Truck Campers and Van Conversions. The other Kelly Guide covers Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheel Trailers, Folding Trailers ( Popups ) and Park Model Trailers.

The other national RV appraisal guide is published by NADA and is also not available on the Internet. What NADA has done is create a website that allows naive RVers to access their retail or consumer edition of the NADA Recreation Vehicle Appraisal Guide and end up over-valuing their RVs. RV Dealers love this site. It allows them to take full advantage of the huge markup available in RVs to 'show' these naive RVers an appealing retail 'deal' loaded with dealer profit . Trade-In values are not available in favor of 'Low Retail' and "Average Retail" pricing figures.

What is missing from this online 'service' is the basis for most valid and accurate RV Value Reports. First of all, the online 'service' does not disclose the basis for the numbers presented. The basis is the New Value or what the coach was worth when it was new. If most of the RVers who use this website knew what the "Suggested List", New Value figure or basis was, they would quickly relize all the 'options' included on the coach in question are more than covered by what the NADA wholesale edition calls "suggested List". Used Wholesale or Trade-In Value is also not available and is critical information for both RV buyers and sellers.

What's The Smart RV Buyer & Seller To Do?

The answer is simple and direct. Gain access to this RV wholesale pricing information! The best way to do this is by ordering one of our RV Value Reports. We use both the Kelley RV Blue Book and the NADA Blue Book wholesale edition information to produce the most comprehensive and up-to-date RV pricing information available anywhere.

We work with both new and used RVs from the current model year all the way back to the mid 1970s. To find out more about our services and report options, please follow this link or call us at 1-800-771-2587 between 10-5 Mountain Standard Time, we are in Arizona.


Rv Buyers Survival Guide

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