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How To Buy A Used RV

I have changed my Used RV Value Report to be a usable tool for you to understand what is going on in the very predatory world of used RV sales. The basis to evaluate if you are being presented with a good deal or a total budget buster boils down to three foundational numbers.

Used NADA Wholesale, Used NADA Retail and AUV or Average Unit Value, which is halfway between used wholesale and used retail, plus a  little inside information I will share with you. This is all you need to decide if you are looking at a good deal or a bad deal. The AUV is also where the depreciation curve is right now for your target RV. The closer to AUV you are able to buy, the happier camper you will be unless you are already dealing on a unit where the asking price is lower than AUV to begin with.  Order Now

There is one more number you want to know if you are dealing with a RV Dealer. If your seller is a private party, you should feel sorry for them. They are locked into a retail sales situation. In most cases they paid more than they should to own the RV they now want to sell. They are forced to hope someone will come along and make the same mistake they did and pay too much for their coach. With the three basic numbers, you are able to evaluate a private party sale.

The way the RV Dealer world is set up it is often possible for a dealer to ask NADA Wholesale for a coach exactly like one a hapless private seller is forced to ask middle money for, or worse, and then chip in additional money to pay off the financing balance to make a deal. You should feel sorry for them. This is the cost for buying the most expensive thing most of us will ever buy with little or wrong information on an emotional high [which dealers are expert at creating].

So you could reason, if a dealer buys a used RV for wholesale, they can give you a really good deal, right? Good luck with that. There are a few factors working against reason here.

First off, dealers are so good at burying their buyers deep in their RVs, few are willing to go back for more. They are junior partners in the used RV market with only about a 35% share. That means whatever used units they get their hands on, they want top dollar for, in most cases.

Secondly, used units mean big bucks for a RV Dealer. When you see the numbers, you will be shocked.

Third, RV Dealers like to make a lot of money on a sale. You would be shocked how they celebrate 'home runs'.

Their new units face growing competition  from other dealers. Any Internet search  for a new RV by year, make and model comes up with pages of competing units. Their profits are limited by competition.

Not the case with used RVs. They are a lot harder to find. Combine that with the public's belief a used RV is a better deal than a new one and the stage is set for gigantic profits, many times four to five times more than they can make on a similar new one.

The Forth Foundational Number... Average Trade In

RV Dealers have evolved a system to acquire used RVs that is brutal but very effective. They are not satisfied with the profit potential offered by the difference between NADA Wholesale and NADA Retail. They want to stack the deck in their favor and take trade-ins and dealer purchases below NADA Wholesale, way below.

I feel this is a very important element for you to know. My New RV Value Report clients who report back to me their buying successes average paying a 7% profit over dealer cost. Some are elated paying a 10% profit. Others are happy with paying 15% profit and, if you and I were to believe the propaganda of the RV Industry, they would have us believe an average new RV buyer pays a 17% profit for their new toy. So much for the Trucar buying theory. You do not want to be an average buyer.

The used RV world is very different. My new Used RV Value Report will give you the ability to see what RV Seller prices, offers and attitude really mean. What they want to do to you is usually awe inspiring. What you can do about it varies from day to day, dealer to dealer and deal to deal.

Once you know what's going on, it is easy to decide what to do next. Buy it or go on to the next one. The last RV I bought took me through seriously evaluating ten rigs before finding the one that met my buying parameters and a deal could be made and I am an expert at this!

RV deals are made every day and there is one for you. Learning how to survive it is simple. Buy it right and repay any loan at a rate that maintains your equity at or below declining AUV.

Ready to find out what is going on? Follow the link below to my order page where you tell me about the RV you want. There is a link on the order page to a page where you select your report options. It takes you to Paypal, our payment gateway. My new Used RV Value Report is $29.95. I have a special offer for anyone who buys the premium report including membership in my RV Buyers Club for $39.95. Then you can buy all future foundational numbers you need to figure out your future deals for $10.00 each.

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Thank you for your time and interest. I look forward to helping you understand the RV industry and their secretive ways.

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